I tried the broker Freedom24 (part 2): 1,000,000 options to invest – is it worth it?

In a previous article, I talked about my test of Freedom24′s savings plans, with 8.4% interest on uninvested funds. This time, let’s focus on the investment side of the platform: stocks, ETFs, bonds, US stock options…

What is Freedom24?

Freedom24 is an online broker that offers an easy-to-use platform for investing in a wide range of international financial assets.

It operates under a European license, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and registered with the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) in Spain under number 4547. In addition, the holding company, Freedom Holding Corp. is listed on the Nasdaq and is regulated by the SEC.

Freedom24 currently has more than 400,000 customers worldwide.

If you want to learn more about Freedom24’s reliability and general features, you can read my previous article.

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Many investment options

Freedom24 stands out by offering more than one million options to invest in:

  • Stocks: Stocks of companies from all over the world, including the most listed US and European companies. But you will also have access to investing in other less popular international stock markets, such as Hong Kong or Kazakhstan.
  • ETFs: European and international exchange-traded funds that allow you to invest in a basket of underlying assets, such as stock indices or specific economic sectors. Bitcoin ETFs are also available.
  • US stock options: Contracts that give you the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an asset at a certain price on a certain date.
  • Bonds: Bonds issued by governments and companies, which allow you to earn interest income over time.

this is one of the most comprehensive European brokers with the most investment options!

In addition to this wide variety, you can also access Freedom24’s savings plans, which allow you to automatically and periodically earn interest of up to 8.7% on your money. You can read more about the savings plans in my previous article HERE.

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Intuitive interface and easy to use platform

The Freedom24 platform, available in web version and mobile app, has a clean and intuitive interface, even for novice users. It provides a lot of information in a visual form.

This is what my portfolio overview looks like:

cartera en freedom24

The Freedom24 interface aims to satisfy both “experienced” investors who “know” which stocks they want to buy, and those who need some recommendations or ideas. For those who are interested in investment advice, the broker offers information on market trends in the “news”, “investment ideas” and “what to buy” sections, where users can get inspiration for their future investments.

In the “Trading” section you will find all the investment options available. You will be able to see several exchanges: America, Europe, Asia…

Underneath, you will see a list of the different asset categories available, such as stocks, ETFs (funds), options and bonds.

You can also search by ticker or security name.

On the same screen, in the box next to it, we can see a summary of that ticker, with the price and annual, monthly and weekly average and choose different information to display here.

And we will be able to buy and sell, creating an order, from here.

Of course, we will be able to see more detailed information and graphs if we click on the desired asset.

We will see the chart:

In addition to all the financial information, we will also be able to see future price estimates.

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Competitive fees and commissions

Freedom24’s trading fees are very transparent and competitive.

There are no custodian fees. You will only pay a fee when buying and selling. This is ideal for those who wish to invest for the long term.

We will be able to select the rate we prefer or switch later within our account. The main difference is that “All inclusive in USD” has a personal manager. The “Smart” tariff is (in general) cheaper and is the default tariff that is enabled when you open an account.

Freedom24 plan with less commission?

Let’s compare the two with an example:

If we are going to invest in 2 stocks each with the value of 100USD the commission we would pay with “All inclusive in USD” would be:

1.2 per order 2 (shares) * (0.5% * 100 (share price) 0 .012) = 2.224

And if the share price were higher, $200, the commission would be

1.2 per order 2*(0.5% *200) (0.0122) = 3.224

The same trade with “Smart in EUR” would have a lower fee

2$ per order (2* 0.02 per share) = 2.04

And here it would not vary depending on the price.

So “All inclusive in USD” would be more interesting for small orders of less than $150. But from then on we would pay less commission with the “Smart in EU” plan.

However, remember that the “Smart” plan does not offer the advantage of having a personal manager.

It is worth noting that Freedom24 is the European broker with the cheapest options trading commission, only $0.65. We also have access to SP500 NANOS options for only $0.35 per contract. NANOS options are a fraction of 1/10 of the S&P500 index options and you can start investing in this derivative instrument from as little as ~$1 (which could be a good opportunity for beginners).

Freedom24 has a fixed withdrawal fee of 7 euros.

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Investor academy and recommendations

Freedom24 is not only an investment platform, but also offers a range of educational and recommendation tools to help us make investment decisions.

  • Freedom24 Academy: The academy currently offers 4 free online courses, covering everything from the basics to advanced investment strategies. Freedom24 continues to add new courses and articles.
  • Investment Ideas: Freedom24’s team of Bloomberg award-winning analysts offer free weekly investment ideas, with an average return of 16%.
ideas de inversion freedom24
  • What to buy section: This section provides you with investment recommendations based on your financial goals and risk profile.
que acciones comprar freedom24

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How to open a free account in 10 minutes and make a deposit

Opening an account at Freedom24 is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register with Freedom24 by clicking HERE
  2. You will need to enter your phone number and follow the instructions to download the Freedom24 mobile application.
  3. Verify your identity with photos of two documents: a valid ID and proof of address, which can be your electricity bill or a bank statement.
  4. Finish the account verification process with a selfie.

And just like that, your trading account is created. In addition, a D-account will also be automatically created where you can store money waiting to be invested, while earning daily interest. Read more about the D-account and Freedom24’s savings plans here.

Depositing funds into your Freedom24 account is also easy. You can do this by transfer, card or Google Pay.

Advantages of Freedom24

  • Wide range of options to invest in international markets in stocks, ETFs, bonds, US stock options.
  • High interest (up to 8.7%) on uninvested cash, with daily interest accrual option.
  • Competitive trading fees. No custody fee.
  • European regulated broker and the parent company is listed on NASDAQ.
  • Excellent customer service: fast, efficient and in English.
  • Educational and informative material for beginners and advanced investors


  • Withdrawal fee of 7 euros.
  • Spanish translation has some flaws.
  • No fractional shares.
Please note that investments in securities and other financial instruments carry the risk of capital loss. Forecasts and past performance are not reliable indicators of future performance. Do your own analysis before making any investment. If necessary, seek independent investment advice from a certified professional.

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On Trustpilot you can find reviews from other users about this international broker.

My opinion about Freedom24

I have tried Freedom24, to buy shares and their savings plans and I have to say that, for the moment, I am very satisfied with the investment platform.

I like the wide variety of offerings to invest and get value for my money. Not only because of the many international stock exchanges and ETFs, but also because within the same platform we have savings plans. The D account is ideal for storing my money, earning interest, while I wait for a good investment opportunity in the stock market.

The biggest criticism of Freedom24 is its withdrawal fee of 7 euros. While, like everyone else, I don’t like fees and love it when you don’t have to pay them, this fee is not a drawback for me.

Of course, it will depend on how we use the platform, if our goal is to withdraw our money regularly, it is not the best option. But for me, my objective is to invest for the long term, I am interested in Freedom24 because it has no custody fee. I don’t have to pay anything every month to hold my investments and I will only pay a commission when I decide to withdraw my money.

I like its interface which is simple and with all the information accessible at a glance. And here I have to say that, while the way they present the savings plans (interface) has not impressed me (especially if we compare it with other options on the market, which are more visual) I like this part of buying and selling shares and ETFs and I find it very practical. The mobile application is as complete as the desktop version, all the options and tools are available in both.

Today Freedom24 is my preferred option for investing in the stock market and where I will be expanding my portfolio in the coming months.

Are you going to invest with Freedom24? Open your account here and start investing today.

FREEDOM24: free stocks PROMO CODE (July-August 2024)

Deposit €5,000 or more into your account and receive up to 20 gift shares worth up to $800 each.

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To activate the code, top up your trading account, select “Enter promotional code”, enter the code and receive the gift stocks. (detailed instructions)

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