Heavy Finance: INVEST in the sector that is NOT affected by the crisis

Heavy Finance is an agricultural lending platform regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. By investing on the platform you can earn an average return of 11% per annum. Read on to find out more about Heavy Finance, advantages, how to invest and bonus for new investors.

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Heavy Finance: Investment platform facts

Heavy Finance
✳️ Types of loans:Agricultural
✳️ Yield:10-14%
✳️ Loan terms:6-48 months
✳️ Automatic investment:Yes
✳️ Secondary market:Yes
✳️ Repurchase guaranteeNo
✳️ Minimum investment:100€
✳️ Fees and commissions:No commissions (only in secondary market for selling)
✳️ Language:English
✳️ Bonus:2% of your investment for the first 30 days
By registering here
✳️ Registration link:Click HERE

Requirements to invest in Heavy Finance

To invest in Heavy Finance you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be over 18 years old
  2. Fill in the KYC questionnaire

The HeavyFinance platform allows you to invest as an individual or as a company. You must provide personal information such as your tax residence, address, date of birth, etc. during the registration process.

When you register with HeavyFinance you will need to open a Lemonway account to send funds to the investment account. This security feature reduces the risk of losing uninvested funds. The process is simple and will guide you step by step through the registration process.

want to start investing in Heavy Finance?

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is it safe to invest in Heavy Finance? Risks

Every investment has its risks, we already know the risks of investing in crowdlending.

Heavy Finance does not offer repurchase guarantee to investors, but most of the loans are secured by property or agricultural machinery. Heavy Finance is the beneficiary of the collateral, as the representative of the investors. In case the borrower is unable to repay the debt, the collateral will be sold to cover the debt.

Some of the projects in Lithuania are backed by the Lithuanian Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund, which would cover up to 80% of the principal in case of loan default.

Unsecured agricultural loans can also be found within the platform. These are solely backed by the farmer’s business accounts. Unsecured loans on Heavy Finance offer an interest rate of 2% more than secured loans.

Oportunidades de inversión en Heavy Finance
Investment opportunities at Heavy Finance

Type of loans and investment opportunities

For each loan the platform provides a comprehensive description of the project, where you will find more information about the collateral, if any, and other features.

The loans are usually for expanding the land, buying machinery for cultivation or financing other needs of the farmer’s business.

Although most of the projects are in Lithuania, where the platform is based, the platform has recently expanded and we can already see more projects from other countries such as Bulgaria, Portugal or Poland.

On this platform the return or interest rate that we will receive as investors will depend on the amount we invest in each loan. The more we invest in a loan, the higher the return.

Heavy Finance classifies all loans with a risk score ranging from A (lowest risk) to D (high risk).

The term of the loans in HeavyFinance usually varies from 6 to 48 months, with the majority being between 12 and 36 months.

We will be able to see the LTV (loan to value ratio), when it is a secured loan.

¿Qué es LTV?

LTV significa “Loan To Value (en español ratio préstamo-valor). Este es un ratio que tiene en cuenta el valor de la propiedad y el valor del préstamo. Imagina, por ejemplo, que tenemos una propiedad de 50.000 euros y se pide un préstamo de 40.000 euros, el LTV sería lo que resulta de dividir la cantidad del préstamo entre el valor de la propiedad, lo que daría, en nuestro ejemplo, un 80%. Este es un valor bastante elevado.

Cuanto inferior sea la ratio, este porcentaje que vamos a ver al lado del LTV, muchísimo mejor, esto quiere decir que la propiedad tiene un valor mucho más elevado en comparación con la cantidad del préstamo que se va a pedir.

By clicking on more details we can see more information about each loan, such as the farmer’s business figures for the last two years, more information about the collateral, etc.

Risk levels in Heavy Finance

Heavy Finance has introduced a risk level scheme that helps to determine the risk of a particular loan, according to 7 categories ranging from A (lowest risk) to D (high risk).

How to invest in Heavy Finance

Heavy Finance is a very user-friendly platform. It allows you to invest manually in individual projects or set up Auto Invest and automate the process.

Automatic investment

With the Auto Invest tool you can define the amount you want to invest in each loan, interest rate, loan duration, risk category, loan type, LTV and country.

what is the minimum investment amount in Heavy Finance?

The minimum investment amount in Heavy Finance is €100. There is currently no maximum investment amount.

does Heavy Finance have a secondary market?

Heavy Finance offers a secondary market where you can sell or buy loans from other investors. HeavyFinance charges a fee for selling on the secondary market of 1%.

can I invest automatically in Heavy Finance?

Heavy Finance offers the Auto Invest tool, which allows you to create an auto-investment strategy by defining your criteria to automate your investments.

Configurar estrategia de auto inversión en Heavy Finance
Configure an auto-investment strategy in Heavy Finance

who runs the company?

Heavy Finance is led by founder and owner Laimonas Noreika. Laimonas co-founded the P2P lending platform FinBee. In 2020 he left this to launch Heavy Finance together with Rytis Darganivicius, as an innovative P2B platform offering investments backed by heavy machinery.

Laimonas brings a wealth of FinTech experience, while Rytis has experience in the agricultural machinery sector.

Opinions on Heavy Finance


  • Some loans are secured by machinery or a mortgage
  • Has secondary market and Auto Invest
  • Regulated by the Bank of Lithuania


  • Still young platform
  • Few short-term loans

My opinion on Heavy Finance

The agricultural sector is very interesting as an investment, especially in uncertain times and in times of crisis, because if there is one thing we cannot stop buying and consuming, it will be food. Heavy Finance offers us the possibility to invest by financing the business of farmers in different European countries.

I have invested in projects of the Heavy Finance platform when the Evoestate platform still existed, through it. Right now these loans are not yet finalised, when they are, I will start investing directly with the Heavy Finance platform.

Unlike other agricultural crowdlending platforms, in Heavy Finance we can diversify our investment in different countries. Although I personally like the loans with collateral, I think it is an advantage that they also offer loans without collateral, for those who are interested in a higher profitability.

It is worth highlighting the transparency of the platform, which offers detailed and updated statistics on its website.

If you want to start investing in Heavy Finance, register HERE and get a BONUS of 2% of what you invest in the first 30 days.

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Carmen Corral

I invest in P2P lending since 2019. This type of investment was the first that I incorporated into my portfolio, due to its simplicity. Here and on the YouTube channel canal de YouTube I talk about my investments and crowdlending news.

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