HIVE5 – High interest but is it reliable? Opinions

In this article, we will analyse one of the latest platforms to hit the crowdlending market: Hive5. This young crowdlending platform offers the possibility to get a return of 15%. In the following, we will see all the information to invest in this platform and I will tell you my honest opinion about the Hive5 platform.

what is Hive5?

Hive5 is a crowdlending platform that was launched in 2022. Here we can find investment opportunities in personal and business loans from various loan originators. It is therefore a marketplace, multi-originator platform.

Despite its short history, the platform has good statistics and in less than two years has already attracted more than 9000 investors. This is a significant achievement for such a new platform. In the same period, more than 30 million euros have been invested in the platform and the annual return is over 15%.

Although Hive5’s operations team is based in Lithuania, the platform’s head office is in Croatia. It is interesting to note that other similar platforms are also based in Croatia, such as Peerberry and Robocash.

The platform offers a 60-day buy-back guarantee, a feature common to other platforms. Although the current diversification on Hive5 is not very high, it is expected that more loan originators will be offered in the future to expand investment options.

Regulated: No
✳️ Types of investments:Personal and business loans
✳️ Yield:12 – 16 %
✳️ Investment terms:1 – 24 months
✳️ Automatic investment:Yes
✳️ Secondary market:No
✳️ Repurchase guaranteeYes
✳️ Minimum investment:10 Euros
✳️ Language:English
✳️ Bonus:0.5% of what is invested for the first 3 months
✳️ Registration link:Click HERE

do you want to start investing in Hive5? REGISTER here and get a bonus of 0.5% of your investment for the first 3 months

Advantages of investing in Hive5

  • High yield ( 15%)
  • Loans with repurchase guarantee
  • No commissions
  • Minimum investment 10 euros


  • Still young platform with little trajectory in the market
  • Not in Spanish
  • Technically basic

Hive5 Bonus

Hive5 offers a welcome bonus of 0.5% (of the amount invested in the first 3 months), exclusively for our readers. Only if you register through this link.

who can invest in Hive5?

The platform is available to tax residents of any country, as long as they do not reside in a country considered high-risk under EU money laundering regulations.

Although you can invest from anywhere in the world, you are required to deposit money in Euros.

If your bank does not allow you to make transfers in euros or you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can try Wise (formerly TransferWise), which offers multi-currency accounts and transfers at very competitive rates.

How to deposit and withdraw money

Hive5 offers the possibility to fund the platform for investment in two different ways:

Direct banking connection with your bank. This is done through the payment gateway Kevin EU UAB which is authorised and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. This is the quickest and easiest way.

Traditionalbank transfer is the other option to send funds to the platform from your bank. You will find the transfer details under “Deposit” in the “Manual Bank Transfer” option.

want to start investing in Hive5? REGISTER here and get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest for the first 3 months

how to invest in Hive5?

You can invest manually, selecting loan by loan or automatically, configuring an auto-investment strategy.

These are the parameters that you can configure:

  • Portfolio size – Amount to invest in this auto-investment strategy (several strategies can be created).
  • Investment size – Minimum and maximum amount to invest per loan.
  • Originators – Loan originators in which you want to invest.
  • Long term – Minimum and maximum term of the loans in which you want to invest.
  • Interest Rate – Minimum and maximum interest rate of the loans in which you want to invest.
  • Do you want to reinvest? – If you select this option, the interest received will be reinvested.
auto invertir hive5

do you want to start investing in Hive5? REGISTER here and get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest for the first 3 months

Loan originators


Is a new loan originator, in Spain, which belongs to the same group as the platform, UAB “Hive Finance”. It offers short-term personal loans of between 100 and 500 euros with a term of 30 days. Finjet plans to expand its offer to include longer-term loans in 2024. Currently in Hive5, when we invest in this originator, we will be investing in business loans that serve to finance the operations of this loan originator.

Ekspres Pozyczka

This Polish loan originator, also from the same UAB “Hive Finance” group, offers us the possibility to invest in business loans in Poland. Some of these loans serve to finance the personal loan business of the same originator.


Ruptela is a Lithuanian technology company that provides GPS fleet tracking devices for transport companies. These are a type of commercial loans called BNPL “Buy Now, Pay Later”. In addition to repurchase collateral, this originator’s loans are secured by GPS devices that are pledged for more than the loan amount.

In 2024, they expect to add one more originator in Romania and launch credit cards in Poland.


The platform offers a high return with interest rates ranging from 12% to 16%, depending on the type of loans invested in.

Secondary market

Hive5 does not currently offer a secondary market. You will have to wait until the loan term ends to get your money back.

Repurchase guarantee

All loans on the platform offer a 60-day repurchase guarantee. This means that if the borrower defaults on the loan term, after 60 days the loan originator will buy it back from you with accrued interest.


Hive5 does not withhold taxes. It is up to you to declare them and pay taxes in your country if necessary. Here you can read more about the tax declaration of crowdlending investments in Spain.

do you want to start investing in Hive5? REGISTER here and get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest for the first 3 months

Opinions about Hive5

On Trustpilot you will find reviews of Hive5 from other investors:

opiniones hive5

My opinion

I have added the Hive5 platform to my crowdlending portfolio in April 2023. I decided to do so because of the high yield they offer on all loans.

Although the platform has been created as a multi-originator marketplace, right now the diversification that can be achieved is not very wide, neither in countries nor in originators. Currently you can invest within Hive5 in 3 originators and 3 different countries. Despite this, it is a good option to incorporate into my already diversified portfolio.

On a technical level, the young platform is basic in some aspects. For example, it is not possible to edit autoinvestment strategies, if you want to change something, you will have to create a new one. It also does not offer much visual information and statistics about our investments. Hopefully they will improve on this in the future. For now, for such a new platform, it offers us all the basics we need to invest in an easy way.

Hive5 is an interesting platform for those who are looking for short term loans with high yields. Here we can find short-term loans with an interest rate of around 15% (sometimes even higher), something we are not used to see lately in many crowdlending platforms. And many loans are very short term, as short as 30 days.

If you also want to start investing in Hive5, right now they offer an exclusive welcome bonus for our readers, only if you register at this link.

want to start investing in Hive5? REGISTER here and get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest for the first 3 months

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Carmen Corral

I invest in P2P lending since 2019. This type of investment was the first that I incorporated into my portfolio, due to its simplicity. Here and on the YouTube channel canal de YouTube I talk about my investments and crowdlending news.

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