How to invest in Mintos: TUTORIAL, reviews

Here I tell you everything you need to know about Mintos: how to invest, tutorial, taxation, how to get the welcome bonus and my opinion about the European crowdlending platform.

what is Mintos?

Mintos is the largest crowdlending investment platform in the European Union. If you are considering investing in P2P lending, this is a platform where you can diversify your portfolio widely. You will find many loan originators from many different countries. And although most loans are consumer loans, they also have other types of personal loans (car loans, leasing, personal loans with guarantor…), business loans, and even mortgage loans.

Founded:2015, by Martin Sulte CEO and Martins Valters COO
Headquarters:Riga, Latvia
Regulated:Yes, by FCMC
Number of investors: 500.000
✳️ Types of loans:Short-term and long-term, consumer, mortgage, corporate, leasing….
✳️ Yield:10-14% (see updated profitability in my portfolio)
✳️ Loan terms:1-72 months
✳️ Automatic investment:Yes
✳️ Secondary market:Yes
✳️ Repurchase guaranteeYes
✳️ Minimum investment:50€
✳️ Fees and commissions:no fees for investing, depositing or withdrawing money (commission for selling in secondary market)
✳️ Language:English
✳️ Bonus:Mintos currently does not offer any bonuses for new investors
✳️ Registration link:Click HERE

how does Mintos work?

Mintos is a P2P lending investment platform. It is a loan marketplace company that brings together loan originators (loan issuing financial institutions, lenders) and investors. Through Mintos you can invest in different lending companies. The platform acts as an intermediary, providing individual investors with its powerful technical solution for investing, diversifying the portfolio and managing the money invested.

Main advantages of Mintos

  • Largest crowdlending marketplace platform
  • Broad diversification in countries, originators and types of loans
  • It is regulated
  • Good communication and transparency
  • Easy to use
  • It is in Spanish


  • high % of delays and funds in recovery within the platform

Mintos BONUS (Promo Code)

Currently Mintos does not offer any bonuses for new investors. If you want to start investing register through this link to support the work of this website.

who can invest in Mintos?

To be able to invest you must be a resident of the European Union and be over 18 years old. If you live in any other country in the world, please consult with the platform.

In the Americas, Mintos only allows the registration of investors residing in: Argentina, Brazil, Canada and Chile.

Regardless of your nationality, if you are resident in the United Kingdom you will not be able to invest in Mintos.

Register in MINTOS and start investing HERE

how to invest in Mintos? Tutorial: Step by step

To invest in Mintos you must first register, fill in your personal details and complete the following steps:

  1. Identity verification
  2. Answer the eligibility and suitability questionnaire
  3. Transfer funds to your Mintos account via bank transfer (there is no possibility to deposit money via credit or debit card).

In Mintos you can create your investment portfolio in three different ways: using one of the pre-defined strategies (automatic investments); manually, choosing loan by loan or automatically creating a personalised self-investment strategy.

what are Mintos Notes?

In Mintos, Notes are financial instruments backed by loans.

Each series of Notes groups together several loans with similar characteristics, which have their own International Securities Identification Number (ISIN). By investing in a series of Notes, you will be diversifying across several underlying loans in the group.

The Notes are issued by a special purpose entity within the Mintos group, which acts as the issuer. By purchasing Notes, you earn the right to receive redemptions and interest payments each time borrowers make payments on the underlying payments. The Notes are grouped in minimum packages of 5000 units in which you can invest. Each investment provides exposure to all underlying loans in the series in proportion to the amount of the loan.


How to set up Mintos Auto-invest by Mintos

Click on Invest and Add Strategy.

You will then see several strategies for investing in Mintos (default).

Pre-configured investment strategies

These are strategies preconfigured by Mintos that offer no customisation options. They are ideal for those who don’t want to complicate their life at all.

They can work well as short-term investment strategies, because you can get back the money invested that is current at any time. However, to get back the amount that is invested late, you will have to wait until it is current, it is repurchased, or you can sell on the secondary market.

Mintos investment strategies

There are 3 different strategies:

Core strategy: Prioritises diversification, investing in all Notes from all originators, always backed by a repurchase obligation. The average annual return on this strategy is currently around 11%.

Conservative Strategy: Only invests in the best loan originators: the originator’s loan portfolio has at least 80% of loans in good standing and less than 3% outstanding. The average potential return is around 12%

High Yield Strategy: This investment strategy prioritises investment in high-yielding loans. It will diversify among loans with a gross return in the top 60% of all loans available on the platform. Currently the average return for this strategy is around 13%.

Once you select a strategy, you can decide how much money you want to invest. If you wish, you can invest in more than one pre-defined strategy.

If you want to set more options you should select Custom and Automated Strategy. With this option you will have more control over your portfolio.

Sign up for MINTOS and start trading HERE

Custom Strategy – Configure Auto Invest

Within the Custom option, select Automated, and Create Strategy.

First choose the currency of the loans you want to invest in. Euros is the easiest, not least because there are many more loans available in this currency, but also because we are not exposed to the risk of currency value change.

Select the Primary or Secondary market. If you are investing for the first time, choose the primary market (it is easier).

Selecting originators in Mintos Auto-Invest

Next, you will see a list of lenders. These are the companies that study and grant the loans. There are several filters for you to automatically select or deselect the ones you want to invest in. You can also select and deselect originators one by one.

Autoinvest Mintos

Filters for selecting originators in Mintos Autoinvest

You can choose the type of loans and the country.

what is Mintos Risk Scoring?

Originators in Mintos are rated on risk level. Originators with a score of 10 are lower risk and originators with a score of 1 are high risk. (ND) stands for “score not available”. ( Here you can see all the information that Mintos publishes about its Risk Scoring)

You can select if you want to invest only in originators with a certain rating.

You will not find the option of loans with repurchase guarantee or repurchase obligation because all Notes in Mintos have a repurchase obligation. So there is no need to select it anywhere.

do you still want to further customise your originator selection? Click on the arrow at the end of the row of each originator and the following options will be displayed: – Click on the arrow at the end of the row of each originator options will be displayed:

Originators Mintos

Adjust the interest rate and term

Next, choose the interest rate and remaining period of the Notes (loans) you are interested in investing in.

Remaining period is the term in months. Configure this option according to your needs. If, for example, you choose 0 to 24 months, Mintos will invest for you in Notes with a term between 0 months and 2 years. Please note that the money you have invested will not be available until it matures. However, if for some unforeseen reason you need it, you can always try to sell it on the secondary market.

General details of the automatic portfolio

Finally, you need to fill in some general, but also very important, information.

Portfolio name

Give your portfolio a name. In Mintos you can set up several portfolios in parallel. For example, you could have one to invest in the primary market and another in the secondary market, in different currencies, etc different currencies, etc. With this name you will be able to differentiate between several portfolios.

Strategy objective

This is the amount you want to invest in this specific strategy. Until this amount is invested, it will continue to invest automatically, when it reaches this amount it will stop.

If you want to reinvest the interest you receive, you must take into account that Mintos will stop investing automatically when it reaches the amount of the strategy size you have specified. Therefore, if you want to continue investing your earnings, you must indicate a target portfolio/s higher than the money you have deposited in the platform.

Imagine you invest 1000 euros, and you want to reinvest. If you set a portfolio size of 1000 euros, as you earn interest, and you have in your account 1010, 1030, that amount that exceeds 1000 euros will not be invested automatically because you have set the limit at 1000. That is why if you want to reinvest you will have to put a higher amount in the size of the portfolio, in this case, for example, 1500 euros.

Investment per Note series

In the first box indicate the minimum amount you want to invest in each Note (the minimum is 50 euros). In the next box put the maximum amount you want to invest in each one.


You can choose the type of diversification: dynamic, customised or deactivated.

Dynamic: performs an automatic and updated diversification. It recalculates the diversification rates on a daily basis to obtain an optimal level based on the selected criteria and current market conditions. Dynamic diversification is capped at 15% exposure to a single loan originator.

Customised: You will be able to configure your own diversification in Diversification Parameters. You can select amount and percentages for each loan originator.

Disabled: Simply do not diversify.

Accept the conditions and click Save and Activate. And you are ready for your money to start working for you automatically.

If you need to, later on, you can edit your auto-investment strategy at any time by going to Invest and clicking on Edit in the strategy you want to modify.

Sign up for MINTOS and start investing HERE

My Mintos Auto Invest does not invest, what can I do?

help! My Mintos Auto Invest is not working!

There can be problems, when investing automatically, especially when setting up a new portfolio. Usually the reason for is that there are no loans available with these characteristics.

You can see the number of available loans on the right hand side within your portfolio settings.

Reset your criteria to broaden and not restrict so much, so you can make sure your money is always being invested.

Manual investment

Doing it manually doesn’t seem to me to be very effective, nor recommended, because you will need time to do yourself what the P2P platform could do for you. The idea is to generate passive income, without having to use our time.

But if, even so, you get really bored, and you want to do it manually, just go to Invest and click on Search available items. Mintos has many filters to choose from among the thousands of loans (Notes) that they have, those that meet the characteristics that most interest you by: currency, originators, countries, interest rate, repayment method..

From here you can also invest in the secondary market.

Mintos secondary market

In the Mintos secondary market you will find loans that other investors have decided to sell before maturity. It is advisable to be a little familiar with crowdlending before you start investing in the secondary market.

If you are interested in learning more about investing in the secondary market, you will find more information on how to buy, sell and create an investment strategy in the Mintos secondary market in this video.

how much to invest in Mintos?

In Mintos you can invest 1000, 10000? from 50 euros (minimum amount) up to the amount you want. In crowdlending it is advisable to diversify the portfolio, and in Mintos it is possible to get a wide diversification. Although some investors only invest in this platform, I personally am more in favour of diversifying in several different lending and investment platforms.

As you can see, investing in Mintos is very simple. If you wish, you can download all the information in this MINTOS TUTORIALhere

Register in MINTOS and start investing HERE


In terms of profitability, the net profitability that you can obtain in Mintos varies depending on the strategy you choose. Typically, investors earn between 10% and 12% per annum. Here you can see my net returns on Mintos updated monthly.

is it safe to invest in Mintos?

Mintos is not a savings account, it is an investment with risks. If you are wondering if it is safe to invest in this platform, I recommend you to know first what are the risks of investing in crowdlending. And now we can talk about the security that Mintos offers for your investments.

Mintos is not a platform regulated by the CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores) as this is a Spanish body and the platform is based in Latvia.

Mintos is a platform regulated in Latvia by Latvijas Banka, the central bank of Latvia, the equivalent body to the CNMV in Latvia.

Complying with regulation:

  • They have to provide investors with comprehensive standardised information on financial instruments, Mintos Notes. On the one hand there are base prospectuses that have been approved by the regulator with details on risk factors, general information about the underlying loans and the lending company. In addition they present final terms documents including the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) and Key Information Documents (KID)
  • Mintos is obliged to hold investor funds in accounts separate from the platform’s assets.
  • There is a compensation fund to cover operational errors, e.g. if Mintos is involved in fraud, inadequate administrative practices or if it ceases trading. The maximum compensation is 90% of net losses, up to a maximum of EUR 20,000. This does not protect against the risk associated with this type of investment: lower returns, risk of default by the borrower or the loan originator.

In this sense we can say that Mintos is a safe platform, it is not a scam.

All investments in Mintos have a repurchase guarantee, so in normal conditions, even if a loan is delayed, investors will receive the money plus interest after 60 days. So the risk of borrower default would be covered (the default rate of borrowers does not affect us directly)

However, there is still the risk of the loan originator. If the originator has financial difficulties, it may default on its repurchase obligation and other commitments to the investor to repay principal and interest. In these cases Mintos puts its debt recovery process in place to recover money from investors.

Register with MINTOS and start investing HERE

Mintos Spain

Mintos is based in Riga (Latvia) but offers the possibility of contacting customer service, in Spanish, via chat from their website, email or if we leave our phone number they will call us back. All these options can be found on the website under the help centre option. The customer service, information and communication they offer to investors is very good.

Mintos Taxation

Warning: The following is NOT tax or legal advice. It is your responsibility to obtain information from official sources or consult a tax advisor if necessary.

Mintos is an international crowdlending platform regulated in Latvia and is required by law to withhold tax at source. They withhold 5% of the profits, deducting them directly. Subsequently, when you file your income tax return (if you file it in Spain), you declare the profits and deduct the amount already withheld from what you will have to pay. These are taxed as “income from movable capital”.

Both Mintos and other foreign P2P platforms provide the necessary tax information or documentation so that you can add it to your tax return and comply with the tax authorities.

declarar Mintos

Since Mintos does not invest directly in loans, but in financial instruments that function as securities, if you are a tax resident in Spain, you will have to submit the Form 720 or Declaration of Assets Abroad (if the total amount is greater than 50,000€) to the Tax Agency.

Mintos Opinions

Mintos is the largest crowdlending platform in the European Union (currently with more than half a million registered investors). It has the largest number of investors, loan originators and investment opportunities. It is possible to obtain a large portfolio diversification within the same platform.

Mintos Trustpilot Reviews

The Trustpilot website is a good way to find out what other investors have to say about this and other crowdlending platforms. Here you can read more reviews of Mintos.

Opiniones Mintos Trustpilot
Mintos Trustpilot reviews

You can also find opinions about Mintos, in Spanish, on the website Forocoches and on Rankia.

Other reviews about Mintos (international)

“Mintos is the second largest P2P platform in my portfolio and I have been an investor since the beginning. For this reason, the crisis hit me much more gently than many other investors, as I had the advantage of several years in terms of interest rates. Many investors fled the platform because there were many critical voices and also losses. But that is part of the game, so I have never turned my back on the P2P platform, which was by no means a bad decision.

On the platform I get a good amount every month, which I could also have paid. However, the portfolio development is far from maximised, so I will continue to invest to achieve a similar level to my Bondora account in the long run.”

Lars Wrobbel’s opinion,

My opinion on Mintos

Mintos occupied an important position in my crowdlending investment portfolio. The platform offers a great opportunity for diversification both between loan originators, countries and types of loans.

All investment opportunities have a repurchase guarantee.

However, it should be noted that each loan originator is different and some of them, when going through financial problems, have stopped paying the repurchase guarantee and/or the capital invested in the loans to the investors. Mintos has a department that deals with debt recovery.

Right now in my Mintos investment portfolio I have a lot of money in recovery. For that reason, I am not investing, so as not to expose more capital within the platform. As funds are recovered I will consider investing again.

Despite this, I still believe it is one of the best crowdlending investment platforms. The technology behind the Mintos platform is one of the most advanced in the world of P2P investing. Its self-investment tools offer many possibilities for all types of investors. It is very easy for beginners, while it has many options for advanced investors.

Mintos is a platform to consider in any loan investment portfolio, as it is the largest, most robust and offers the most investment possibilities.

However, if this platform does not convince you, here are some alternatives to the Mintos platform for investing.

Sign up for MINTOS and start investing HERE

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