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Peerberry is one of the crowdlending marketplace platforms offering loans of different types, originators and countries. It is mainly characterised by its wide range of short-term loans and Payday Loans. It is very easy to use and offers a good return with a repurchase guarantee.

what is Peerberry?

Peerberry is a P2P platform based in Croatia, born in 2017, originally within the Aventus Group, offering only its own loans. The platform started to gain popularity and Aventus realised that they couldn’t meet the high demand from investors on their own, so they decided to sell PeerBerry to new shareholders.

Currently, the shareholders of PeerBerry are 3 private investors: Andrejus Trofimovas (50 % of the shares), Vytautas Olšauskas (25 % of the shares) and Ivan Butov (25 % of the shares). Arūnas Lekavičius, is the CEO.

Today the platform functions as a marketplace where loans of different origins can be found where loans from different originators can be found. Although most of the most of the loans come from two groups of companies: the Aventus Group and GoFingo and GoFingo.

They have different types of loans, both personal, business and real estate, but above all, the platform is characterised by the large offer in short-term loans and payday loans. Interest rates are typically around 10-12%. All loans have a repurchase guarantee.

  • Types of loans: personal loans, payday loans, real estate, leasing, business loans.
  • Interest rate: 9% -13% (See profitability in my crowdlending portfolio)
  • Loan terms: 1-48 months
  • Automatic investment: yes, auto invest
  • Secondary market: no
  • Repurchase guarantee: yes
  • Fees and commissions: no commissions
  • Language: Spanish
  • Minimum investment: £10
  • Registration link: Click HERE
  • Welcome bonus: 0,5% of your investment for the first 90 days

Register in PEERBERRY from this link and you will get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest during the first 3 months.

Advantages of investing in Peerberry

✔️ It has an Autoinvestment tool to invest automatically, very intuitive and easy to use.

✔️ Its website is in Spanish.

✔️ It is a marketplace platform that has several loan originators from different countries, which allows diversification to a certain extent.

✔️ Wide range of short-term loans.

✔️ All pre-loans have a repurchase guarantee and some also have an additional guarantee from the Group.

✔️ Fully functional mobile application to perform all operations as from the computer.


❌ Most loan originators belong to two large groups Aventus and GoFingo, so diversification is not as much as it may seem at first glance.

❌ No secondary market, although this is not so critical as many loans are short term, between 1 and 3 months.

❌ Peerberry does not offer risk rating of originators, nor of loans, as do other marketplace platforms.

Requirements for investing in Peerberry who can invest?

To invest in Peerberry you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • You do not need to be a citizen or resident of the EU, but in order to invest you must not be a citizen of a country on the Financial Action Task Force’s Anti-Money Laundering List (FATF AML; FATF AML) or the EU’s list of high-risk jurisdictions.
  • Be able to make credit transfers to a SEPA account. (If you do not have a SEPA bank account, it is possible to use

Register in PEERBERRY from this link and you will get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest during the first 3 months.

Register with Peerberry

It is possible to register with Peerberry as an individual investor or as a company. To create an account you will need to enter your email address and a password, as well as your basic personal details, name, ID number (ID or passport), address.

Registrarse en Peerberry
Register with PeerBerry

Peerberry Bonus

Peerberry is currently offering a welcome bonus for new investors. you will get 0.5% of what you invest for the first 3 months (90 days)

what do I have to do to get the Peerberry bonus? Simply this link and start investing. They will automatically calculate 0.5% of what you invest on the platform for the first 90 days and deposit it into your Peerberry account.

Loyalty programme

In addition, the platform has a loyalty programme where you can get better returns if you invest more.

If you invest more than 10,000 euros on the platform, you will earn 0.5% more on all your investments. If you invest between 25,000 euros and 40,000 euros, you will get 0.75% more. And if you invest more than 40,000 euros, you will get 1% more.

PeerBerry Loyalty Programme Bonus

how to deposit money in Peerberry?

To start investing you will need to deposit money by making a SEPA bank transfer, indicating your investor number. It is possible to use providers such as WISE to add funds.

Once the money arrives in your Peerberry account, you will receive a confirmation email and you can start investing. If you have already set up Autoinvest Peerberry will start investing automatically.

how to withdraw money from Peerberry?

To withdraw money, you must first upload your identification document (ID card or passport). Once verified, you will be able to withdraw the amount you have available without investing, to the account (or accounts) from which you have previously deposited money on the platform.

There are no minimum amount restrictions or withdrawal fees.

How to invest in Peerberry

Investing Manually

You can invest manually or automatically on Peerberry. I, as always, choose to do it automatically, however, it is interesting to complete the automatic investment with the purchase of loans manually to obtain a greater diversification and control over the portfolio.

In the manual option you can filter loans by: interest rate, loan term, amount, country, originator, loan type and group guarantee.

Configure Peerberry Autoinvest

Peerberry has an Autoinvest tool to easily invest automatically.

You can select one (or more) of the pre-configured investment plans:

Or set up your own autoinvesting strategy to do so is very simple. It has the basic and necessary parameters to select the criteria that best suit you. In addition, you can create more than one “Auto Invest” portfolio with different strategies.

These are the options that you can configure in Peerberry autoinvest:

estrategia de auto inversión en peerberry
My PeerBerry autoinvest settings

You will be able to select and deselect the loan originators you want and filter them by loan type, countries, repurchase guarantee and group guarantee.

Interest rate:

Here you can limit the interest rate of the loans you want to invest in by setting both the minimum and maximum rate.

Remaining loan term:

Indicate which type of loans you want to invest in according to their duration. Note that you will be setting the term of the loans in days.

Portfolio title:

As it is possible to create more than one self-investment strategy, here you will be able to give it an identifying name.

Portfolio size:

To limit the maximum you want to invest in that strategy. Remember that if you choose to reinvest, you must put in more money than you currently have in your Peerberry account, so that the new money coming in from interest will continue to be invested.

Maximum investment per loan:

Choose the maximum amount of money you want to invest in each loan. To diversify over a larger number of loans, I usually choose 10 Euros per loan. In case there were not many loans available on the platform I could extend this figure to €15, €20 or even €25 per loan.

Keep without investing:

This option, which is not very common on other crowdlending platforms, is very useful if you want to disinvest. If, for example, you want to withdraw 100 euros from your Peerberry account, but your money is all invested, instead of stopping the auto-investment strategy, you can simply indicate here, under “keep uninvested”, 100 euros. The autotrading tool will stop until you reach the 100 euros available uninvested in your account and then automatically continue trading. However, if you do not need to have money available in your account make sure this field is empty so that all your money is invested.

Loan status:

You will be able to select whether you want to invest only in loans that are current or also in loans that are in arrears.

do you want to reinvest?

Select this option so that the interest money you receive is automatically reinvested.

All you have to do is read the user agreement and click on “Save and activate”

Register in PEERBERRY from this link and you will get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest during the first 3 months.

The secondary market in Peerberry

Peerberry does not currently currently has no secondary market. However, on this platform there is a a large number of short and very short term loans on this platform. If you are looking for liquidity money in a short period of time) you can choose to invest only in short-term loans term loans only. There are many payday loans that have a term of less than one month term of less than one month.

Repurchase guarantee at Peerberry

At Peerberry, all loans are guaranteed for repurchase. The loan originator is the one who will buy back the loan after 60 days of default.

In addition to the repurchase guarantee, some loan originators also offer a group guarantee. With this guarantee, if the originator is unable to honour the repurchase guarantee, the group to which that originator belongs would be responsible for repurchasing the loans.

Opinions on Peerberry

These are the reviews on Trustpilot about Peerberry:

Peerberry Trustpilot reviews

My opinion on Peerberry

Peerberry occupies an important position in my crowdlending portfolio. The interest rates they offer, between 10% and 12%, are very interesting. The return I have achieved is over 11% and the percentage of late loans is always very low.

I find their wide range of short-term loans very interesting, and that there are also other types of loans to diversify the portfolio.

The platform’s communication with investors is excellent. They regularly publish information on their website blog.

Several originators of this platform have been affected by the war in Ukraine and the sanctions in Russia. PeerBerry has from the outset sought solutions to ensure that this affects investors as little as possible. The war-affected loans are being repaid gradually, on a regular basis, using the group guarantee. Of all the crowdlending platforms, the one that has responded best to this situation is the crowdlending platform.

Peerberry stands out for its simplicity of use and how easy it is to configure its auto-investment. With fewer configuration parameters than other platforms, it has the basic and essential parameters that every investor needs. That is why I think it is a good platform to start as an investor.

Register in PEERBERRY from this link and you will get a bonus of 0.5% of what you invest during the first 3 months.

Welcome BONUS for NEW investors

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