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If there is one thing we don’t like when we invest in crowdlending, it is non-performing loans, right? What if I told you that this could change and that we can get high returns by investing in non-performing loans.

This is what Indemo offers us, a new regulated platform in Latvia where we can invest in discounted debt and get a high return.

what is Indemo?

Indemo is a recently created real estate crowdlending platform. Although they have been working for years to create this novel idea, it has started operating in 2023.

It is regulated in Latvia, licensed as an investment intermediary and supervised by Latvijas Banka (Central Bank of Latvia) and registered with the CNMV as a European investment services company.

Indemo SIA is a member of the national investor compensation scheme established under EU Directive 97/9/EC. This protects investors with compensation of up to a maximum of EUR 20,000 in the event of a scam or fraud.

In the short time they have been operating, more than 1.2 million euros have already been financed through the platform.

Headquartered in:Latvia
✳️ Types of loans:Mortgage-backed: mortgage loans and discounted debt
✳️ Yield:10%-15%
✳️ Loan terms:12-18 months
✳️ Automatic investment:Yes
✳️ Secondary market:Coming soon
✳️ Repurchase guaranteeNo, they have a MORTGAGE GUARANTEE
✳️ Minimum investment:10€
✳️ Fees and commissions:No
✳️ Language:English
✳️ Bonus:Currently they do not offer bonuses
✳️ Registration link:Click HERE

Advantages of investing in Indemo

  • High profitability
  • Investment different from that offered by other platforms
  • It is regulated
  • All investment with mortgage guarantee
  • It is in Spanish


  • The platform is still very young
  • Medium to long term investment
  • Autoinvest extremely basic

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what are we investing in when we invest in Indemo?

Indemo offers two different types of investment:

On the one hand there are mortgage-backed loans, similar to what we are used to on other real estate crowdlending investment platforms. Indemo will publish loans from different originators that grant and issue mortgage loans. These entities are approved and supervised by the Bank of Spain.

But what is unique and different about Indemo is the investment in discounted debt, also called DDI (Discounted Debt Investments).

Here we invest in loans that have defaulted and are in the process of recovery. Banks and lenders, which have loans defaulted on by the borrower, sell this debt for a reduced price to companies that specialise in debt recovery. These debts have a real estate property associated with them. Following the necessary legal procedures, this real estate asset is sold and the debt is recovered. As the debt has been purchased at a reduced price, a significant return is expected on the sale of the property.

This is a very lucrative market, managed by large financial companies and law firms, which until now has not been available to small investors. Indemo has arrived to change this.

They make it possible to invest in DDI (discounted debt) from as little as 10 euros. In doing so, we will be investing in a bond that groups together several loans, each one with its associated real estate property, normally around 8 different ones.

As you can see, it is a different type of investment to what we are used to in other crowdlending platforms. We will not receive monthly interest, but we will receive the return when the debt recovery is completed (the property is sold).

At the moment Indemo can only invest in Spain and this is the market they hope to focus on in the coming years, where they collaborate with specialists with more than 15 years of experience.

Their first collaborating partner is the company Tamarindo Vector SL, which buys the debts from banks such as Santander, Sabadell, BBVA or Caixa and takes charge of the entire process of recovering and selling the debt. This, and subsequent service companies that join the platform as debt collectors, are authorised by the Bank of Spain in accordance with Law 5/2019, of 15 March, on the regulation of real estate lending institutions.

Indemo bonus Promo Code (Promo Code)

Indemo does not currently offer a welcome bonus for new investors. Subscribe HERE to the fortnightly newsletter to keep up to date with new promotions, bonuses and discounts on crowdlending investments.

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Profitability in Indemo

Since the platform is young, we do not yet have statistical data on profitability. However, they themselves estimate that you can reach an average of 10% return on investment in mortgage loans and 15% on investment in discounted debt (DDI)

Secondary market

There is currently no secondary market but they are working on implementing one soon.

is there a repurchase guarantee?

No, there is no repurchase guarantee in Indemo, nor would it make sense to have one due to the nature of the investment. When investing in discounted debt, there are no arrears.

The mortgage loans are secured by a property.

is it secured by a mortgage?

Yes. Investing in discounted debt is based on recovering the value of the property that has been put up as collateral to obtain the loan.

who can invest in Indemo?

To invest in the platform you must be a resident of one of the countries that you will find in the list when you register, which also includes countries outside the EU. In addition, you must have a bank account in the EU.

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How to invest in Indemo: Tutorial

how to register?

Registering with Indemo consists of the following steps:

  1. Create an account by entering your personal details.
  2. Verify your identity (with your ID card or passport).
  3. Answer the test questions and suitability questionnaire.

As it is a regulated platform, registration is a bit more tedious as it must comply with all the regulatory procedures.

how to deposit money?

You must deposit money by making a SEPA bank transfer from a bank account in your name, indicating your investor reference number.

how to withdraw money?

You will be able to withdraw available money, which is not invested, to the same bank account from which you have previously deposited money.

How to invest in Indemo

You can invest manually and with autoinvest.

In manual we will be able to analyse the information on each of the bonds and the loans and properties that it includes. The platform offers a lot of information.

what should we look for?

Rent. Expected return is an annual rate of return. This is based on a moderate return scenario, taking into account that 90% of the outstanding mortgage debt is paid off within 18 months from the date of investment.

While in classic real estate lending the LTV (Loan to Value) is important, here, in DDIs, it is the Price to Value Ratio or PTV (Price to Value) that is important. This indicates the ratio between the price paid for the discounted debt and the value of the property. It is calculated by dividing the price of the debt by the value of the property.

In the first tab of the bond you will see the global/average information of all the loans included in the bond. In the next tab, objects, you will be able to see more details and information on each of the loans/properties included.

In each one you will be able to see all the details and even the location map of the property.

In flow we will see the progress of each of these loans in the process of recovery and sale until we receive the return.

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How to configure autoinvest

They also offer us the possibility to invest automatically. Así es como podemos configurar nuestro autoinvest en Indemo:

As you can see it is very basic. You will only be able to select the type of investments you want to invest in: mortgage loans and/or discounted debt, the amount to invest and if you want to reinvest.

Taxation: how to declare INDEMO’s interests?

Indemo withholds tax at source. This means that they will deduct a % of the profits you make.

Si eres residente de la UE retendrán un 5%, sino un 20%.

Here you can read more about how to do your tax return and taxation of crowdlending investments in Spain.

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Opinions about INDEMO

Opinions on Trustpilot

The platform is very young and we do not have many opinions about it yet. Aquí podrás ver las opiniones de otros inversores sobre la plataforma en Trustpilot.

Other reviews about Indemo (international)

“...there are good signs that with Indemo we will have an interesting and reputable platform in the real estate market in the future. I would even go so far as to say that this is one of the most interesting platforms we have seen in recent years.

That is the reason why I am here from the beginning. The plan is to let my portfolio grow little by little and acquire each project to get exposure. Espero un rendimiento mínimo del 10% aquí.”

Opinión de Lars Wrobbel,

My opinion

Indemo presents us with an innovative investment idea that we won’t see anywhere else.

The platform is regulated in Latvia and I know that behind what we see there are years of work and effort in the development of this innovative investment product.

In Indemo we are not going to receive a certain % of predictable monthly interest, instead what we are going to get is the return derived from the sale of the property backing the debt.

This means, on the one hand, that we will not have recurring periodic returns, but will have to wait for completion to receive our profits. On the other hand, we do not know exactly what the final return will be. On the other hand, this investment has a great potential for a very high return.

Of course, there are risks as with all types of investments, but here all bonds or notes are collateralised.

Few, if any, other options on the market offer the possibility of investing with such a high return of 15% per annum and with a mortgage guarantee.

Indemo is therefore an ideal platform for those who want to invest in the medium and long term and are looking for a high return with a mortgage guarantee.

I have already incorporated it into my investment portfolio and as more loans (bonds/notes) are released I will increase capital and diversify.

And you, do you want to invest in Indemo? Sign up HERE.

Alternatives to Indemo

There is no other platform like INDEMO where we can invest in discounted debt.

These are some alternative real estate crowdlending investment platforms:

Crowdlending/crowdfunding real estate:




Real estate crowdfunding for rent:




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Carmen Corral

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