VIAINVEST Is it worth the INVESTMENT? Opinions

VIAINVEST is one of the Baltic crowdlending platforms with the longest track record. It has gradually gained the trust of investors. Today, it is regulated and offers a very good return of 13% with a buy-back guarantee. Find out more about Viainvest:

what is Viainvest?

Viainvest is the loan investment platform of Via SMS Group. This group was born in 2009 and is based in Riga, Latvia. They are currently active in 6 countries. They offer consumer loans in the Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Sweden and the Philippines. Occasionally they also offer corporate loans.

They publish their annual audited results on the group’s website

The investment platform, Viainvest, was created within the Via SMS group in 2016. Here we can find investment opportunities in the originators and loans of the same group.

Viainvest is regulated in Latvia by the FCMC (Financial and Capital Market Commission), a body similar to the CNMV in Spain. It holds the IBF (Investment Brokerage Firm) licence.

✳️ Types of loans: consumer loans, business loans

✳️ Interest rate: 13% (all loans have the same interest rate)

✳️ Loan terms: 6-24 months

✳️ Automatic investment: yes, auto invest

✳️ Secondary market: no

✳️ Repurchase guarantee: yes

✳️ Fees and commissions: no fees

✳️ Language: English

✳️ Minimum investment: £50

✳️ Registration link: Click HERE

✳️ Welcome bonus: 1% of your investment for the first 90 days

Main advantages of investing in Viainvest

✔️ Regulated in Latvia

✔️ Yield of 13% on all loans

✔️ Offers repurchase guarantee.


❌ No secondary market.

❌ You can only invest if you are resident in the European Union.

❌ Website blocked if you enter with an IP from other countries.

Register in VIAINVEST from this link and you will get 1% of what you invest for the first 90 days.

Requirements to invest in Viainvest Who can invest in Viainvest?

Both individuals and legal entities, companies, can invest in Viainvest. To invest you must be of legal age and have tax residence in a country of the European Union or Switzerland.

Promo code Viainvest Welcome bonus

Viainvest currently has a welcome bonus for new investors. By registering from this link you will get 1% of your investment for the first 90 days. It is not necessary to insert any promotional code or promo code, you just need to register through this link.

How to invest in Viainvest: Step by Step

Register in Viainvest

To start investing, you must fill in the registration form, provide the required documentation and pass the identity verification process. It is a simple process.

Register in Viainvest from this link and you will get 1% of what you invest for the first 90 days.

how to deposit money in Viainvest?

To start investing in Viainvest you will have to deposit money through bank transfer, indicating your investor number, which appears along with the bank details, in payment details. You will have to indicate this number when you make the transfer as a concept.

how to withdraw money from Viainvest?

You will be able to withdraw the amount you have available without investing in Viainvest, to the bank account from which you have made a deposit. There are no minimum amount restrictions or commissions for withdrawing money.

what are Asset Backed Securities?

Since 2022, the platform is regulated in Latvia and in compliance with the regulations we will invest in Asset Backed Securities.

These are financial instruments that bundle several individual loans with similar interest, term and other characteristics and are registered and supervised by the regulator.

Investing manually

In Viainvest you can invest manually or with the autoinvest tool. With the manual option you will be able to filter the loans according to several parameters, see more information about each loan and invest in the ones you are most interested in.

How to set up Autoinvest in Viainvest

I always choose the automated option to invest in crowdlending platforms, so the investment process is simpler.

Viainvest presents several preconfigured investment strategies: Active strategy and Diversified strategy.

estrategias de inversion autoinvest viainvest

While the Active strategy prioritises high profitability and you will invest in asset-backed securities with a higher interest rate, the Diversified strategy prioritises diversification in different securities.

Choosing any of these strategies you only have to define the amount of money you want to allocate to these strategies and start investing.

If you want to configure more parameters you can use the Custom option. These are the options of the Viainvest Autoinvest tool:

autoinvest en viainvest
Viainvest Autoinvest

Auto-invest name: Here you can give name to your portfolio to be able to identify it, especially in case you create more than one auto-investment strategy.

Auto-invest size: is how much money you want to invest in this specific portfolio/strategy. If you have several portfolios you may want to invest a certain amount in each of them. Here you can set this amount. If you create a single investment strategy, it is recommended that you set a larger amount here than you have on the platform, if you want all your money to be invested, including the money you receive from interest. So if, for example, you have one thousand euros on the platform today and you want to invest it all in the same strategy, put a higher amount here, for example, two thousand euros, so that when you receive interest in excess of that one thousand euros, that money will also be invested.

configurar autoinvest en viainvest

Maximum Investments in a single issuance: this refers to the maximum amount you want to invest in each “Security”. Here I usually put 50 euros (which is the minimum) to diversify as much as possible.

Total interest rate: this is the interest rate of the loans in which you want to invest. Viainvest offers the same interest rate for all loans. However, this can vary over time. A year ago the interest rate was 11%, now it is 13%. If you don’t want to have to change it as they change and update it you can put a wide range, for example, between 8 and 20 or you can leave it blank to invest at any minimum and/or maximum interest rate.

Remaining term: next, we will indicate the remaining term of the Securities (financial instruments that bring together loans), in days. The minimum and also the most common term is 6 months, 182 days. Remember that this is in days, not months.

Loan originator: here you can select the originators you want to invest in. If you look at the extension at the end of the name, you can see which country it is: SE is Sweden; .RO, Romania; CZ, Czech Republic; LV, Latvia; PL, Poland and PH is the Philippines.

Buyback obligation: you can select whether you want to invest only in those securities (loans) that offer abuyback guarantee by ticking the Yes option.

All you have to do is accept the agreement, click save and your auto-investment strategy will start investing for you.

Register in VIAINVEST from this link and you will get 1% of what you invest for the first 90 days.

does Viainvest have a secondary market?

Viainvest does not currently have a secondary market. To dispose of the invested money you will have to wait until the loan ends or the repurchase guarantee is applied.

Repurchase guarantee

Viainvest investment opportunities have a repurchase guarantee that applies after 60 days of delay. The loan originator will repurchase the loan and you, as the investor, will be paid the principal plus accrued interest.

Tax Withholding

Viainvest withholds taxes at source. It will withhold 5% of the profits made. You can find more information about withholding taxes in Spain here or consult a tax advisor.

Viainvest app

The Latvian platform currently has no mobile application. You will have to manage your investments from its website accessible from desktop and mobile.

Opinions about Viainvest

Opinions and experiences shared by other investors can be helpful, but always remember to do your own research on the platform before investing.

Viainvest reviews on Trustpilot

On trustpilot you can find some reviews from other investors about the crowdlending platform Viainvest.

opiniones viainvest
Viainvest reviews

Viainvest 2023 review

Viainvest 2023 is currently one of the crowdlending platforms that occupies a greater weight in my investment portfolio. I am interested in investing in Viainvest because it is a regulated platform that offers a high return of 13% on all loans.

I have been investing in Viainvest for more than 4 years, it is one of the first platforms I started investing in. Over the years they have always delivered on repurchase guarantees and there have never been any clawback payments.

Personally it bothers me that I can’t access the platform from outside the EU, but that’s probably not something that will affect you. Don’t be surprised if you travel outside the EU and can’t access your account, it’s not that anything has happened to the platform, it’s just that access from that country is blocked. The solution to gain access is to use a VPN.

As we have seen, all the investment opportunities will be in asset-backed securities that bring together loans from Via SMS Group. It is not a platform where you are going to get a great diversification. You will be able to diversify across countries. In exchange for this limited diversification, there is the advantage of investing in a solid group, Via Group SMS, which has years of experience in the market.

Currently, in addition to being one of the best crowdlending platforms, it also offers a very good return, 13%, higher than other platforms.

If you still do not invest in Viainvest and want to start doing it, they currently have a promotion for new investors. By registering from this link you will get a bonus of 1% of what you invest for the first 90 days.

Register in VIAINVEST from this link and you will get 1% of what you invest for the first 90 days.

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