Maclear – HIGH INTEREST but is it reliable? Opinion

Let’s take a look at one of the latest crowdlending investment platforms to hit the European market: Maclear.

what is Maclear?

Maclear is a crowdlending platform of recent creation. It was born in 2022. Its founders are Denis Ustjev (CEO) and Aleksandr Nikitin (CFO).

The platform is registered in Switzerland and is a member of PolyReg SRO. This is an organisation that complies with the legal obligations of supervision and monitoring towards its members and is subject to the supervision of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA.

At Maclear we will be able to invest in business loans. The same platform provides the loans to the companies and manages the investments.

Headquartered in:Switzerland
✳️ Types of loans:Business
✳️ Yield:12-14%
✳️ Loan terms:9-12 months
✳️ Automatic investment:No
✳️ Secondary market:No
✳️ Repurchase guaranteeNo
✳️ Minimum investment:50€
✳️ Fees and commissions:No commissions
✳️ Language:English
✳️ Bonus:1.5% of your investment for the first 90 days
By registering here
✳️ Registration link:Click HERE

Advantages of investing in Maclear

  • High profitability
  • Minimum investment 50€
  • No tax withholding


  • The platform is still very young
  • Still offers little diversification

Profitability on Maclear

On Maclear we will find loans/projects that offer a return between 12% and 13%. However, we could obtain a higher return, as right now there is an extra bonus of 3%. So we can obtain a return of around 15%.

This attractive bonus is offered to attract investors. It is common practice for crowdlending platforms new to the market to offer an extra incentive in the form of a bonus and/or higher profitability during their first months/years.

Maclear temporarily offers this 3% annual interest from its own commission on projects/loans.

In addition to this bonus, new investors can also get the welcome bonus and those who invest more than a certain amount can get the loyalty bonus.

Promo code Maclear Welcome bonus

By registering through this link you will get a bonus of 1.5% of the amount you invest for the first 90 days. No promo code is required.

Loyalty programme

In addition, Maclear rewards those investors who invest a larger amount in the platform, as follows:

  • Beta: once the total amount of your investment exceeds £5,000, you will receive an additional 0.5% on all future investments.
  • Beta Plus: once the total amount of your investment exceeds €15,000, you will receive an additional 1% on all future investments.
  • Alpha: once your total investment amount exceeds €40,000, you will receive an additional 1.5% on all future investments.
  • Alpha Plus: once your total investment amount exceeds €75,000, you will receive an additional 2% on all future investments.


The platform does not charge any fees, neither for investing, nor for depositing or withdrawing money.

is there a repurchase guarantee?

No, the loans do not have a repurchase guarantee, but the companies that have applied for the loan usually have to put up company assets as collateral/guarantee. Each project specifies whether it has collateral and what it consists of.

Provisioning fund

This fund will cover interest payments to investors in case the borrower is late in making payments.

The Provisioning Fund is replenished with funds that Maclear obtains from commissions. They will transfer 2% of each project funded on the platform and, in the future, all secondary market transaction fees to the fund.


Currently we will be able to invest in projects/loans in Estonia. Because, although the platform is based in Switzerland, they operate from Estonia and that is where they know the market best and can make a better selection of projects and verification.

They plan to have loans from Lithuania and Finland in the future. And I am told that they do not rule out Switzerland and Austria, although interest rates for Swiss lending projects would be substantially lower and therefore potentially less attractive to investors.

is Maclear a regulated platform?

Maclear AG follows the rules and regulations of the Swiss financial market. In accordance with Swiss law, it is regulated, verified and supervised by SRO (Self-Regulated Organisation membership). They are a member of PolyReg Services GmbH SRO and comply with the applicable AML (anti-money laundering) and GDPR (data protection) requirements,

who can invest in Maclear?

Only residents of the EEA (European Economic Area) can invest in Maclear and it is possible to register as an individual or as a company.

Investment requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Pass KYC (complete the “Know Your Customer” form and verification)

Register with Maclear from this link and you will get a bonus of 1.5% of everything you invest for the first 90 days

How to invest in Maclear: Tutorial

how to register?

Registering is very simple. All you need to do is create an account by entering your email address and password. You will then need to verify your identity, using your ID card or passport. You will then be able to deposit money to start investing.

¿Cómo ingresar dinero?

You will need to deposit money by making a SEPA bank transfer from a bank account in your name, indicating your investor reference number.

Although Maclear is a Swiss platform, the bank account is in the European Union and in euros, so we will not have problems to make free transfers from our bank.

¿Cómo retirar dinero?

You will be able to withdraw available money, which is not invested, to the same bank account from which you have deposited money. To make the transfer, you must enable 2FA (two-factor authentication). The minimum amount of money you can withdraw is €50.

¿Cómo invertir en Maclear?

Maclear does not yet have autoinvest, but they are working on implementing it soon. So, for now, we will have to invest manually.

In any case, in this type of investment it is interesting to know the details of the projects in which we are going to invest, before doing so.

Within our account we will be able to see all the loans that have already been financed and those that are open for financing (in which we will be able to invest). We have the option to filter to see only those available for investment and we can even make a more advanced filter by country, interest rate, term and type of project.

maclear proyectos prestamos inversion

On this first screen we will see the amount available for financing, the financing objective, the term and the interest rate.

By clicking on each project we will be able to see more detailed information. Comenzando por la cifras clave:

maclear datos clave

In “expires” we can see when the loan will start. From that moment on, the loan period for the repayment of the loan starts to count. This data will also indicate how the loan will be repaid. In the loan we see in this image, the interest will be paid monthly and the principal at the end of the loan.

Next, a description of the project appears, with information about the company requesting the loan, what it will be used for and how it will be repaid.

maclear informacion proyectos
Maclear inversion crowdlending
Maclear invertir proyectos

On the left-hand side of the screen, if we enter the amount we wish to invest and click on “calculate your profit” we will be able to see the loan repayment schedule.

Maclear invertir

Register in Maclear from this link and you will get a bonus of 1.5% of everything you invest in the first 90 days

Secundary Market and Liquidity

At the moment there is no secondary market to buy or sell loans, although they inform us that they hope to implement it soon.

Taxation: How to declare Maclear’s interest?

Maclear does not withhold any tax. We will be responsible for declaring the interest we receive. You can download the statement from the “Statement” option.

Here you can read more about how to file your income tax return and the taxation of crowdlending investments in Spain.

Opinions about Maclear

These are the reviews about Maclear:

Maclear reviews on Trustpilot

The platform is very young and we don’t have many reviews about it yet. Here you can see what other investors have to say about the platform on Trustpilot.

My opinion on Maclear

The platform is very easy to use and intuitive. It starts with only a few projects, so the diversification at the beginning will be low. However, this is not a negative point at all, especially when a platform starts trading. It is better to have quality projects than quantity.

Although it is not possible to invest automatically right now, I don’t miss the autoinvest tool that much. In this type of platform where each loan is different, in my opinion, it is convenient to know the data and evaluate each one before investing.

I do miss the secondary market, which I know they are already working on introducing.

Maclear can be a good option for those who are looking for high profitability. As with some platforms when they are new to the market, they offer very attractive returns. It is a good way to attract investors at the beginning. Right now, with the temporary extra bonuses, the welcome bonus and the loyalty programme it is possible to get up to 6.5% on top of the interest on the loans.

In the current crowdlending market there are few options for investing in business loans. So Maclear can be an interesting option to diversify our crowdlending portfolios with this type of loans.

And you, do you want to invest in Maclear? If you register HERE you will get a bonus of 1.5% of everything you invest for the first 90 days

Alternatives to Maclear

If the Maclear platform does not convince you or you are looking for other similar platforms to diversify your investment, here are some alternatives.

Crowdlending platforms for companies:

Debitum Newtork

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