Lonvest – Is your HIGH profitability reliable? Review

One of the latest newcomers to the European crowdlending market is the Lonvest platform. We are going to analyse it to find out more about what it offers investors.

what is Lonvest?

Lonvest is a recently created crowdlending platform that belongs to the Space Crew Finance group. Here we can invest in loans from various originators belonging to the same group.

Lonvest was founded by Roman Katerynchyk in March 2023 and is registered in Croatia.

Although the investment platform is young, the Space Crew group has years of experience in the personal loan market. They started operating in 2016, in Ukraine, and as of today, they are in Ukraine, Poland, Vietnam and Sri Lanka and have plans to expand to the Philippines, India and Kenya.

✳️ Types of loans:Short-term personal
✳️ Yield:12-14%
✳️ Loan terms:1-6 months
✳️ Automatic investment:Yes
✳️ Secondary market:No
✳️ Repurchase guaranteeYes
✳️ Minimum investment:10€
✳️ Fees and commissions:No commissions
✳️ Language:English
✳️ Bonus:1% of your investment for the first 90 days
By registering here
✳️ Registration link:Click HERE

Advantages of investing in Lonvest

  • High profitability
  • It is possible to invest in the short term


  • The platform is still very young
  • Little diversification

Profitability on Lonvest

In Lonvest you can invest in loans from Vietnam at 12%, Poland at 14% and Sri Lanka (soon) at 15%, so it is reasonable to estimate that we can obtain an average return of more than 13% per year if we invest diversifying among all the originators.


The platform is free to register, invest, deposit and withdraw money. It does not charge any commission to investors.

Promo code Lonvest Welcome bonus

By registering through this link you will get a bonus of 1% of the amount you invest during the first 90 days. No promo code is required.

is there a repurchase guarantee?

Yes, all loans have a 60-day repurchase guarantee. This means that if the borrower is more than 60 days late in repaying the loan, the originator will repurchase the loan from us.

what is the group guarantee?

In addition to the repurchase guarantee, the loans also have a group guarantee. So in case of insolvency of a loan originator, other companies within the Space Crew Finance Group will cover the debts of the affected company.

who can invest in Lonvest?

They accept investors from almost all over the world, although they have limited some countries. From Spanish-speaking countries they do not accept investors from Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Panama.

Requirements to invest in Lonvest:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Pass KYC (complete “Know Your Customer” form and verification)

Register in LONVEST from this link and you will get a bonus of 1% of everything you invest in the first 90 days

How to invest in Lonvest: Tutorial

how to register?

Registering is very simple. All you have to do is:

  • Create an account by entering your email address, first and last name and password.

Then you will have to verify your email address and you will have access to your account on the platform. But in order to start investing you will need to verify your identity.

  • Fill in the form with your details and follow the verification process which will ask for your ID or passport.

how to deposit money?

You will need to deposit money by making a SEPA bank transfer from a bank account in your name, indicating your investor reference number.

how to withdraw money?

You will be able to withdraw available, uninvested money to the same bank account from which you have deposited money.

how to invest in Lonvest?

You will have to wait until you have money deposited in your account before you can set up autoinvest.

In Lonvest it is not possible to invest manually, you can only do it automatically by configuring what they call “Investment Calculator”

Here you can decide how much you want to invest, in which country, the maximum term of the loans you want to invest in and whether you want to reinvest or not.

Clicking on invest will distribute the amount you have decided to invest in different loans that you can see in the Investments section.

The first thing you will see is actually the different auto-investment configurations you have made. If you want to stop any of them from reinvesting, you can do so by clicking on the cancel button. Clicking on each one will take you to see what loans that “autoinvest strategy” has invested in.

Register in LONVEST from this link and you will get a bonus of 1% of everything you invest in the first 90 days

Secondary market and liquidity

Right now there is no secondary market to buy or sell loans. However, this is not so necessary on a platform like Lonvest where investments are short term, with many loans only 30 days and the longest term loans are 180 days.

Taxation: How to declare Lonvest’s interest?

Lonvest does not withhold any taxes. It is up to us to declare the interest we receive. It is currently not possible to download a tax report or account statement directly.

Here you can read more about how to file a tax return and taxation of crowdlending investments in Spain.

Opinions about Lonvest

These are the reviews about Lonvest:

Lonvest reviews on Trustpilot

The platform is very young and we don’t have many reviews about it yet. Here you can see what other investors have to say about the platform on Trustpilot.

My opinion on Lonvest

Lonvest is a very young platform and although the group behind it, Space Crew Group, and its team have years of experience in fintech and as lenders in various countries, I always like to be cautious with newcomers.

It stands out because it is simple to use and clear, although its autoinvest is a bit different from what we are used to in other crowdlending platforms. Here we will have to create a different strategy for each country in which we want to invest. It has the advantage that we can have more control over the diversification of our portfolio between countries. However, what we cannot control is the diversification in number of loans, as we cannot decide the maximum amount to invest in each loan. However, I have found that when determining a small amount (20 euros) in a strategy, it has invested only 5 euros in each loan, while in higher amounts it has invested 10 euros per loan.

I miss being able to download the account statement and have graphical data of my investments, and although in a platform with short-term loans a secondary market is not so necessary, it is never too much to have the option.

Lonvest can be a very interesting platform for those who are always looking to invest in short-term loans. These are in high demand and on other platforms it is difficult to get this type of investment with such a high profitability as Lonvest offers.

And you, do you want to invest in Lonvest? If you register HERE you will get a bonus of 1% of everything you invest for the first 90 days

Alternatives to Lonvest

If the Lonvest platform does not convince you or you are looking for other similar platforms to diversify your investment, here are some alternatives.

Crowdlending platforms with investment in short-term loans and repurchase guarantee:






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